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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find parking at Sydney Olympic Park?

For the latest information on parking at Sydney Olympic Park visit You can also pre-book parking through Sydney Olympic Park .

How many onsite car parks are there at Olympic Park?

There are over 10,000 onsite car parks throughout the Olympic Park precinct with the largest Car Park being P1 Car Park adjoining Qudos Bank Arena which can accommodate to over 3,300 cars. All other onsite car parks are located within a 10 minute walk of the venue.

Where are the accessible spaces at Sydney Olympic Park?

Sydney Olympic Park has 8 on-street accessible spaces on Showground Road, 3 on Herb Elliott Avenue, 1 on Murray Rose Ave (east), 5 on Dawn Fraser Avenue (west) and 10 on Olympic Boulevard (south). Please plan ahead as these may not be available during large or multiple events due to road closures.

What is the parking fee at the P8 car park?

Enjoy a $6 flat parking fee from 6pm - 10pm at the P8 Carpark (entry via Herb Elliott Avenue) on non-major event nights. Which car park? Look at our map to see which car park is best for you. Check the walking distances to your event or the height clearances for our car parks.

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