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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Park in Sydney Olympic Park?

Please be aware that Sydney Olympic Park is a restricted parking area so you must only park in marked bays. Parking outside of a marked bay or staying longer than the time permitted puts you at risk of an infringement. *Major events are generally an individual event or a combination of events that attracts over 50,000 people to the Park.

Where can I Park in the town centre?

In addition to our Car Parks, there are free, time-limited on-street parking spaces available within the town centre including along Olympic Boulevard, Murray Rose Avenue, Dawn Fraser Avenue, Figtree Drive, Herb Elliot Avenue, Showground Road, Grand Parade and Parkview Drive.

Where can I Park in Parramatta?

Please note, parking tickets must be displayed. Five minute free parking is available in following streets of Parramatta (near schools, railway stations, Parramatta Central Library and Australia Post outlets)

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