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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Securities America?

If you are currently a client investing with a Securities America financial professional and would like to contact us, please call: 402-399-9111 (local) 800-747-6111 (toll free)

Who is Securities America?

One of the nation's leading wealth management firms, Securities America has been helping financial professionals service the investment needs of their clients for over 35 years.

Who is Securities America-logon secured?

Securities America - Logon SECURED BY User ID: Securities America, Inc Member FINRA/SIPC Securities America Advisors, Inc. An SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm.

Why Securities America & advisor group?

All with one goal in mind — your success. Securities America and Advisor Group provide your financial professional with back office, technology, regulatory and operational support to help further your financial well-being. Through our firm, your financial professional can offer you access to thousands of diverse financial options.

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