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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Eagle Boys located?

Since 1992, Eagle Boys national headquarters have been located in Annerley, Queensland. In 2007 NBC Capital, a Queensland-based venture capital group, bought Eagle Boys from Potter. At the chain's peak, in 2013, more than 340 Eagle Boys stores were operating across Australia.

How many Eagle Boys stores are there in Australia?

As of that date, 114 Eagle Boys stores operated throughout Australia; making it the fourth largest pizza chain in the country, with less than 10% share of the country's pizza market. More than 340 Eagle Boys stores were operating across Australia at the pizza chain's peak in 2013. [3]

Are Eagle Boys pizzas vegan?

Multigrain Pizzas 4. Vegan (plant based) Pizzas India.” national and international arena. and maintain blood sugar level. Unlike other brands using frozen dough for a week, Eagle Boys make dough daily 3 to 6 times to keep up the freshness. The dough is added up with healthy seeds like Flex, Sunflower and other multigrain and seeds.

When was the first Eagle Boys store opened?

The first Eagle Boys store opened in Albury, New South Wales, in 1987. It was a venture spearheaded by businessman Tom Potter in partnership with his mother, Barbara Potter, who guaranteed a $70,000 loan to enable him to open the store. [9]

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