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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is delta power?

Delta Power Co. is proficient in the design and manufacture of cutting edge hydraulic products and systems. Their products are extremely rugged and versatile making them well suited to agricultural and construction equipment, as well as medical devices.

What is delta power hydraulics?

With manufacturing operations in Rockford USA and Modena Italy, the Delta Power hydraulics product range includes: solenoid operated directional control valves, mechanical operated directional control valves, pressure control valves, flow control valves, pressure relief / reducing valves, proportional control valves, logic elements and hand pumps.

What is delta's power distribution unit?

For power distribution requirements of medium to large data centers, Delta’s Power Distribution Unit (PDU) provides an optimal solution. The space-saving PDU is easy to move and adapt to future reconfigurations of the data center.

Is Delta a DJSI World leader?

Delta was named to DJSI World for the tenth consecutive year, as well as industry leader in electronic equipment, instruments, and components for the fifth time in three consecutive years, and also selected for the DJSI Emerging Markets for the eighth consecutive year.

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