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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Delta's biggest impact on the environment?

As Delta works to solve its largest impact on the environment—carbon dioxide emissions—it plans to invest in innovative solutions, like carbon capture and storage and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). SAF and other advanced technologies are not available on a large enough scale to meet today’s industry demands.

How much energy does Delta save?

Delta implemented a total of 2,555 energy saving projects from 2011 to 2021 with an estimated 318,529 MW of electricity saved, equivalent to a reduction of 245,079 tons CO 2 e. Delta has long been committed to improving water resources management measures and pursuing maximum water efficiency for its plants.

What is Delta's holistic environmental sustainability plan?

Delta’s holistic environmental sustainability plan remains focused on three areas: In 2020, the company retired more than 200 older aircraft. The new aircraft replacing those planes are 25 percent more fuel efficient per seat mile than the aircraft they replace.

What does Delta-ee DO?

About Delta-EE. Delta-EE is a rapidly growing research and consulting company. We are at the heart of the transformation of energy markets to a more distributed, customer-centric, low carbon future, and are the leading European provider of independent expertise on 'new energy'.

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