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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Clubsport?

Welcome to ClubSport, where you’re more than just a member. At our club, fitness and family go hand in hand. Since the 1980s, Leisure Sports Inc., the family-owned parent company of ClubSport, has been on a mission to champion active and healthy lifestyles for every person, at every fitness level.

What is Clubsport Aliso Viejo?

Health and wellness are waiting for you at our Aliso Viejo fitness club. Get started with a ClubSport Aliso Viejo membership and have instant access to everything you need to start living your healthiest life. Our luxury fitness club is home to all the equipment you could ever need to crush your cardio and show off your strength.

Is Clubsport your fitness home away from home?

See for yourself how ClubSport can be your fitness home away from home. Spread throughout our spacious interior, ClubSport provides six fitness studios, weight lifting and fitness floors, a turf field, well-appointed locker rooms (including steam and sauna rooms), two pools, a childcare facility, and more. All in one membership.

What is Clubsport San Jose?

ClubSport San Jose. Fitness Club, Group Classes, Pool, Spa Stronger isn't one size fits all. Whether you are looking to get healthier, train for a race, find improved peace of mind, or join a community, ClubSport is here to help you be stronger in every aspect of life. See for yourself how ClubSport can be your fitness home away from home.

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