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Frequently Asked Questions

What capital city is closest to Brisbane?

Outside of Australia, the nearest capital city as the crow flies to Brisbane is Port Vila, Vanuatu at 1155.61 miles. Within 2000 miles, what is the furthest capital city from Brisbane? The furthest capital city as the crow flies to Brisbane is Suva, Fiji at 1686.04 miles.

What county is Brisbane CA in?

Brisbane is located in San Mateo County, CA. The population is 4,266. There are 2 public schools in Brisbane with an average Homefacts rating of B. The total crime rate for Brisbane is moderate , and there are 2 registered sex offenders residing in the city. Unemployment in Brisbane is moderate and the median home sales price is $0.

How far is Brisbane from Honolulu?

flight distance = 4,694 miles. The straight line distance between Brisbane and Honolulu is 7555 kilometers. Legal.

What is the current population of Brisbane?

Today, the city takes part in numerous international business deals and was declared a Global City in 2008. The total population of Brisbane is 2.2 million people, making it the third largest city by population in Australia.

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