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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Brisbane 2032 Legacy Plan?

The Brisbane 2032 Legacy Plan will define how we take advantage of the Olympic and Paralympic Games platform over a 10+10+ year period to drive opportunities that ensure lasting benefits before, during and after the Games. Some benefits could be delivered before 2032 so we can enjoy them early.

Are Brisbane and Queensland ready to welcome the world in 2032?

Brisbane and Queensland are ready to welcome the world in 2032. Australia has a love affair with the Olympic Games, reflected in the fact that we have sent athletes to every modern Olympic Games.

What is the Brisbane 2032 Olympic master plan?

According to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic master plan, 84 per cent of venues used will be existing or temporary. This will include three main hubs throughout the state, which will host 28 different sports. Of these venues, 21 will be in Brisbane, seven on the Gold Coast and four on the Sunshine Coast.

What is the Brisbane 2032 organising committee?

It will boost our economy, create jobs, attract investment and market our state as a global tourism destination. The Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee are responsible for coordinating the delivery of the Games including sponsorship, ticketing, broadcasting, ceremonies, event overlays and logistics.

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