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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Brisbane host the 2032 Olympic Games?

Brisbane has been awarded the 2032 Olympic Games, with venues previously confirmed, including a re-built 50,000-capacity Gabba to be the main stadium. See the full list below.

Which venues will be used during the 2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympics?

The Following is a List of the Venues that will be used during the 2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, Which will be held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Under present IOC policy, venues with corporate naming rights will not be allowed to use their sponsored name during the Olympics.

What will Brisbane 2032 look like for tourism?

The Conversation also reports that tourism and the global profile of Brisbane, Queensland and Australia would be set up for huge boosts with an Olympic Games), although regional and rural communities might feel the positive impact of Brisbane 2032 less as benefits are likely to be unevenly distributed.

What do the 2032 Olympics mean for SE Queensland stadiums?

Find out what the 2032 Olympics mean for SE Queensland stadiums. The traditional home of Queensland Rugby, Ballymore, would be transformed into a 15,000-capacity Hockey venue. Redevelopment work at the iconic stadium commenced in February to modernise its facilities.

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