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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Australian Securities Exchange?

Australian Securities Exchange Ltd is an Australian public company that operates Australia's primary securities exchange, the Australian Securities Exchange (sometimes referred to outside of Australia as the Sydney Stock Exchange).

What happened to the Australian Stock Exchange?

On 7 July 2006 the Australian Stock Exchange merged with SFE Corporation, holding company for the Sydney Futures Exchange. 1861: Ten years after the official advent of the Gold Rush, Australia's first stock exchange was formed in Melbourne.

What is the trading schedule for the National Stock Exchange of Australia?

Trading schedule. National Stock Exchange of Australia has a start-of-day enquiry session from 2:30am to 3:00am, a pre-open session from 3:00am to 10:00am, a normal trading session from 10:00am to 4:15pm, and a post-market session (end-of-day enquiry) from 4:15pm to 11:00pm (all times in AEST ). Current holidays: Australia Day (January),...

What is the Australian Mutual Provident Society?

It was the first exchange in the world to demutualise and list on its own market, a trend that has been imitated by several other exchanges over the years. The Australian Mutual Provident Society began in 1849 as an organisation offering life insurance.

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