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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ASX Limited?

ASX Limited (ASX) is vertically integrated, multi-asset, world-class, top-10 listed exchange group. Offering listings, trading, clearing settlement, technical and information services, and other post-trade services, ASX operates Australia's premier equity market, the largest interest rate derivatives market in Asia and energy and commodity markets.

What are ASX clearing and settlement services?

ASX clearing and settlement services play a critical role in Australia's financial markets, helping reduce counterparty and systemic risk and increasing efficiency for market participants and end investors. Trading hours, calendars and fees for ASX trading, settlement and clearing products and services.

Why Australian Securities?

Australian Securities is a resilient enterprise built on governance overseen by a Board with a majority of independent Directors who ensure integrity, fairness and performance in accordance with community expectations. Both investors and finance clients have their interests represented at Board level.

What is ASX’s role in compliance?

ASIC also supervises ASX’s own compliance as a listed public company. ASX has a proud history as an early and successful adopter of new technology, and continues to embrace innovative solutions to make life easier for customers, help companies grow, create value for shareholders and support the Australian economy.

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