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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Ana and Star Alliance?

Together, they offer easy connections to almost any destination around the globe. ANA partners with Star Alliance as both a codeshare partner and mileage club partner. ANA Mileage Club members can earn and redeem miles and build status across all Star Alliance member airlines.

What is bronze elite status with Ana?

Bronze elite status with ANA translates to Star Alliance Silver status. You don’t get much with this — just priority waitlist reservations and priority standby status. Platinum elite status with ANA, meanwhile, translates to Star Alliance Gold status.

Can I exchange Star Alliance Gold for Ana platinum?

Star Alliance Gold or Star Alliance Silver membership with other carriers cannot be exchanged for ANA Diamond Service, Platinum Service or Bronze Service membership.

What are the benefits of being a Star Alliance Gold or silver member?

As a Star Alliance Gold or Silver member, you'll enjoy worldwide privileges, a seamless travel experience and convenient global access. Along with our consistent focus on safety and security, we provide tangible benefits every time you travel with each of the Star Alliance network carriers:

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