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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the American Gem Society do?

The Society trains and certifies jewelers, gemologists, and jewelry appraisers. Diamond grading is a specialty of the American Gem Society Laboratories and the Society has developed its own cut, color, and clarity standards.

Who is American Gem Corporation?

Home of the Ideal Cut Diamonds! American Gem was established in 1990 to meet the loose diamond requirements of jewelers. Raj Jain, the owner of the company, is a mech engineer and has worked with Ford Motor company in Dearborn Michigan, as a senior engineer for 20 years before establishing American Gem Corporation in 1991.

How do I register as an American Gem Society member?

Welcome to our online community! Because of the built-in security features, your firm must be a current American Gem Society member. Please use the link at the bottom of the page to register. Our team will review your profile, and upon approval you will have access to the member benefits in the AGS Member Portal.

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