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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tasmania located?

Tasmania is an island located off the south coast of Australia. The island has beautiful wilderness areas with protected reserves and parks. Explore the beaches, forests, and hillsides to experience true nature in the raw.

What are the best places to visit in Tasmania?

Hobart2 North East11 North West10 South West Wilderness3 Tamar Valley11 Tasmania Tasmania is a kaleidoscope of the essence of Australian beauty and rugged landscape. With its recognised world-class experiences and natural heritage listed areas makes Tasmania a ‘must visit’ on your holiday list.

When is the best time to rent a holiday house in Tasmania?

Spring and fall are also good times to rent a holiday house in Tasmania as the weather is a bit cooler and there are fewer people. There are also some great springtime festivals including the Bloomin Tulips Festivals, the Devonport Food and Wine Festival, and the Junction Arts Festivals.

What's it like to live in a tiny home in Tasmania?

It is set in a clearing in the Tasmanian bush and has amazing views of the countryside. The tiny home itself has been built entirely of cedar by local artisans. It has been fitted out with antique and reclaimed furnishings with an emphasis on comfort and laid back luxury. The wood fired hot tub is without doubt the highlight.

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