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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Woods Bagot?

WOODS BAGOT is a global architecture studio. WOODS BAGOT is a global design studio. We span 17 studios across 6 regions. We do not adhere to a signature style. We are a multi-authorship practice. We create alongside clients, communities & other creatives. We specialize in Architecture, Interiors & Masterplanning.

Who are Woods Bagot architects?

It specialises in the design and planning of buildings across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines. Former names of the practice include Woods & Bagot, Woods, Bagot & Jory; Woods, Bagot, Jory & Laybourne Smith; Woods, Bagot, Laybourne-Smith & Irwin; and Woods Bagot Architects Pty Ltd .

What happened to Woods Bagot & Jory?

Woods retired from the practice known as Woods, Bagot & Jory on 30 June 1915, and Louis Laybourne-Smith became a partner in the practice, causing the practice to be renamed Woods, Bagot, Jory & Laybourne Smith. [3] Woods died in January 1916. [4]

What is Woods Bagot's “re-charge La” proposal?

Woods Bagot’s “Re-Charge LA” proposal uses an electric mobility hypothesis as an opportunity to reinvigorate and re-energize the future of our infrastructure and create high-quality and evolving community-oriented places.

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