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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Woods Bagot?

Woods Bagot's origins date back to 1869, when architect Edward John Woods was commissioned to improve and expand the design of St. Peter's Cathedral in Adelaide. In 1905 he joined forces with another prominent local architect, Walter Bagot, after many years' successful private practice.

What does Woods&Bagot do?

It specialises in the design and planning of buildings across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines. Former names of the practice include Woods & Bagot, Woods, Bagot & Jory; Woods, Bagot, Jory & Laybourne Smith; Woods, Bagot, Laybourne-Smith & Irwin; and Woods Bagot Architects Pty Ltd .

How many studios does Woods Bagot have?

Its 16 studios, located in major cities around the globe, consistently inspire the firm's work with a rigorous vocabulary that references urban and regional context, ecological and social sustainability, and innovation. Above all, Woods Bagot prioritizes human experience and delivers engaging, future-oriented projects for its clients.

Who is the lighting company for the Woods Bagot project?

The feature lighting is by Rakumba Lighting , who will share the space in a creative partnership between the two businesses. Woods Bagot wins two titles at this year’s British Homes Awards! Woods Bagot wins two titles at this year’s British Homes Awards!

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