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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Westnet?

To contact Westnet, select the most appropriate team from the list below. Please call 13 19 60 or email Westnet Sales for all sales enquiries. Contact our Technical Support Team for assistance with your service, or find the answers in MyHelp, our user-friendly online support manual.

How do I get rid of Westnet in Windows 10?

Select START -> SETTINGS -> CONTROL PANEL -> INTERNET Click on the "Connection" tab Check "Connect to the Internet As Needed" Select "Westnet" from drop-down menu as default dialup In the "Location" field, how do I get rid of the list of sites in the drop-down?

What is Westnet's state of the art alerting module?

After decades of alerting fire stations and listening to the concerns of firefighters, Westnet continues to design state of the art alerting modules. Situational awareness is key to staying alert to what is happening in the firefighting and EMS communities.

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