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Frequently Asked Questions

How many express lanes does Transurban have?

Transurban operates more than 50 miles of express lanes on interstates 95 and 395, as well as the Capital Beltway. It is extending Virginia’s express toll lanes on I-95 south to Fredericksburgand north on the Beltway to the Maryland border.

Why did Transurban sell half of its US toll roads?

Toll road operator Transurban announced a deal Wednesday to sell half its U.S. toll roads, all of which are in Northern Virginia. The Australian company said it is bringing in three investment partners as part of a strategy to boost its finances and better position itself to pursue new projects. Get the full experience.

Is Transurban listed on the ASX?

It was founded in 1996 and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). In Australia, Transurban is the full owner of CityLink in Melbourne, which connects three of the city's major freeways; and has stakes in six tolled motorways in Sydney, and, in six of the six Linkt network tolled motorways in Brisbane.

How can Transurban prepare our roads for a CAV-driven future?

As a first step to preparing our roads for a CAV-driven future, Transurban is running a series of trials on motorways and to investigate how they respond to road infrastructure (such as signs, lines, signals and ramps). We’ve also been talking to people about CAVs and getting a sense of community attitudes towards the arrival and use of CAVs.

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