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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really Telstra calling?

it’s really Telstra calling. What to do if you’re suspicious about a call you’ve received End the conversation immediately. If you would like to report details of a call or for more information, please contact Telstra’s Sales Watch Hotline 24/7 Below are some tips to help you identify if it’s really Telstra calling:

How many customers does Telstra have?

Telstra now has 16 million customers, which is more than its two biggest competitors combined, according to figures released at its full-year financial results on Thursday. Optus has 9.4 million customers and Vodafone Australia has 5.2 million.

What is Telstra Tower used for?

Telstra Tower is Canberra's iconic telecommunication tower rising 195.2 meters above the summit of Black Mountain in Australia's capital city. It is not only a landmark and one of Canberra's most visited tourist destinations but also offers 360 degree panoramic views of Canberra and its surrounding countryside from an indoor observation deck ...

How fast is Telstra Internet?

With NBN 25, Telstra clocks in just below the average speed, offering a typical evening speed of 25Mbps. Looking at NBN 50 and NBN 100, Telstra hits it out of the park, serving up typical evening speeds of 50Mbps and 100Mbps respectively, which is higher than the reported average across the board from NBN providers.

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