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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Target Australia the same as target?

Despite the identical logo, name and similar type of outlets, Target Australia carries no direct relation or affiliation to the American big box retailer Target Corporation. [6] In 1926, George Lindsay and Alex McKenzie opened their first store in Geelong selling dress fabrics, bedding and furnishings. [7]

Where is the largest Target store in Australia?

The largest Target store in Australia, located in Greensborough Plaza, Greensborough, Melbourne, Victoria pictured in October 2012. It was formerly a Target Home store. Another format tried by Target was the homewares-themed store Target Home but was later discontinued.

Who owns the 300 targets in Australia?

The 300 Targets in Australia, the first of which opened in 1926, are owned by Australian conglomerate Wesfarmers Limited. Meanwhile, the American stores with the same name are owned by the Minnesota-based Target Corporation.

Is target a US retailer?

With the stores rebranded as Target, it quickly established itself throughout Australia, and within 3 years had stores in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. Despite the similar logo, name and type of outlets, Target carried no corporate connection to US discount retailer Target.

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