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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Smorgon Steel?

Smorgon Steel Group Limited is Australia’s largest vertically integrated producer of steel and the leading supplier of steel products such as temporary fencing for its key markets.

When did Smorgon buy Humes steel?

In 1988, however, Smorgon launched a takeover offer for Humes itself, gaining complete control not only of its own steel interests but Humes's ARC business as well. That purchase set the stage for Smorgon's emergence as a regional steel power.

Who are the Smorgon family?

Smorgon family. The Smorgon family is an Australian family famous for its establishment of Smorgon Steel; one of the richest families in Australia. Notable family members include: Victor Smorgon, son of Naum and founder of the Smorgon Group, the last remaining part being Smorgon Steel. Married to Loti Smorgon (d.

What is Smorgon's history?

Smorgon's success in the steel industry led the company to begin acquiring and developing scrap metal collection and processing operations in the late 1980s and through the 1990s.

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