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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Sausage Software?

Sausage Software has finally halted its share price's massive slide with founder Steve Outtrim selling 25 million of his 49.9 million shares to Wayne Bos, a Melbourne-based owner of Technology Business Integrators, for 0.1 cent each.

Is Sausage Software leaving the ASX?

One of the last vestiges of Australia’s dot com era — Sausage Software — will finally depart the ASX today. Sausage Software — known since 2000 as SMS Management & Technology — was one of the brightest burning Aussie dot coms in the turn-of-the-century tech boom.

Who is Outtrim Sausage Software?

Outtrim was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1973 and graduated from Wellington College (New Zealand) high school in 1989. By 1992 he had completed a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (BCA), from Victoria University of Wellington Outtrim founded Sausage Software in 1995.

What is Saag's sausage?

Saag’s Louisiana Brand Hot Links Pork & Beef Sausage 21 Oz. Family Pack (Pack of 3) The Classic of the all-time favorite American style sausage. Coarsely ground quality cuts of pork seasoned with onions and hot spices. Naturally hickory smoked in natural pork casing.

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