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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Roy Morgan?

Roy Morgan is Australia’s best known and longest established market research company, with an unparalleled reputation for reliable, accurate, meaningful, revealing market research. Proudly independent, the Company now operates globally. International Operations. Roy Morgan has offices across Australia, as well as in Indonesia, the USA and UK.

Should I Commission market research from Roy Morgan first?

Before commissioning any market research, it’s worth checking with Roy Morgan first as we may already have the results of the research you need.

What is the Roy Morgan online store?

Roy Morgan Online Store has thousands of accurate, insightful quantitative Roy Morgan reports and profiles (based on up to 50,000 interviews) ready to download now from as little as the cost of a single focus group.

What is Morgan target mapping?

Morgan Target Mapping redefines what you can do with location-based profiling. Zoom in to the region, neighbourhood, street and house to find where your current or potential customers live. Learn more If you don’t understand your Audience you’ll be operating in the dark View our latest reports for your industry Subscribe to our newsletter

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