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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rio Tinto Group do?

Rio Tinto Group is an Anglo-Australian multinational and the world's second-largest metals and mining corporation, behind BHP, producing iron ore, copper, diamonds, gold and uranium. The company was founded in 1873, when a multinational consortium of investors purchased a mine complex on the Rio Tinto, in Huelva, Spain, from the Spanish government.

How much is a Rio Tinto share worth?

One share of RIO stock can currently be purchased for approximately $56.29. How much money does Rio Tinto Group make? Rio Tinto Group (NYSE:RIO) has a market capitalization of $70.69 billion and generates $63.50 billion in revenue each year.

What is the difference between Rio Tinto Energy and Riotinto?

Rio Tinto is the third-leading producer of uranium in the world (here as yellowcake ore concentrate). Rio Tinto Energy is a business group of Rio Tinto dedicated to the mining and sale of uranium.

What is the abbreviation for Rio Tinto Limited?

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