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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ramsay Health Care company?

Ramsay Health Care is a provider of private healthcare in the UK, Australia, France, Indonesia and Malaysia founded by Paul Ramsay. It was established in Sydney, Australia in 1964. The company specialises in surgery, rehabilitation and psychiatric care.

What is Ramsay Santé?

Ramsay Santé is the second largest private care provider in Europe, operating specialist clinics and primary care units in approximately 350 locations across five countries in Europe. In France, Ramsay Santé has a market leading position with 132 acute care and mental health facilities.

How do I contact Ramsay Health?

Email: [email protected] . Nearest Station: Liverpool Street Station

Will Ramsay Health Care waive excess fees and co-payments?

Sep 7, 2018. Australia’s largest private hospital operator, Ramsay Health Care, will waive hospital excess fees and/or co-payments to make it easier for struggling farmers to access the treatments they need.

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