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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rail Infrastructure Corporation?

Rail Infrastructure Corporation, later known as Country Rail Infrastructure Authority after July 2010, was a Government of New South Wales statutory corporation with responsibility for the management of the railway network in rural New South Wales, Australia.

What is Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (mridc)?

Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (MRIDC or MAHARAIL) is aimed to provide a boost to the Rail Infrastructure projects in the Maharashtra State on the principle of cooperative federalism. There are several regions in Maharashtra State, having long pending demands for construction of new Railway lines.

What is G-Ride (Gujarat Rail Infrastructure Development Ltd)?

Considering the fact the state government has given the green signal in forming a new company, named 'Gujarat Rail Infrastructure Development Ltd (G-RIDE)' to develop rail infrastructure in the state. The state government's stake will be 51% while that of Indian Railways will be 49%.

What can we do to support rail infrastructure investment?

Encourage passenger rail infrastructure investment in high-population centers, and support continued investment for state-supported routes. Continue to support rail investment in added capacity and expanded service in high-density markets to relieve system stress on other modes.

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