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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Port Melbourne located in Melbourne?

Port Melbourne, Victoria. Port Melbourne is an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia, 5 km south-west from Melbourne's Melbourne central business district. It is split between the local government areas of Melbourne and Port Phillip. The area to the north of the West Gate Freeway is in the City of Melbourne.

What is it like to live in Port Melbourne?

As a result, Port Melbourne is a diverse and historic area, featuring industrial and port areas along the Yarra, to open parklands, bayside beaches, exclusive apartments and Bay Street's restaurants and cafes.

Is Port Melbourne Beach safe?

Port Melbourne Beach is a safe and clean beach, popular with locals and tourists alike. It is sandwiched between New Beach and South Melbourne Beach. The Port Of Melbourne can be seen from here as well as the West Gate Bridge. Station and Princes Piers are within walking

How many berths are there at Port Melbourne?

At Port Melbourne are handled annually around 3000 ship calls and 2,6 million TEU-containers. There are a total of 36 commercial berths, 4,3 mi (7 km) quayline, 13 mi (21 km) waterfront, modern infrastructure (with invested over AUD 2 billion in the period 2005-2015).

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