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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Osborne in South Australia?

Governance. Osborne is located within the federal division of Hindmarsh, the state electoral district of Port Adelaide and the local government area of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

What is The OSDP at Osborne South?

Osborne South was expanded under the Osborne South Development Project (OSDP) to facilitate the construction of nine Hunter Class Frigates by BAE Systems Maritime Australia (BAESMA). These new facilities enable the end-to-end Steel in….Ships Out production of vessels for the first time at Osborne Naval Shipyard.

What is the Osborne Naval Shipyard?

The Osborne Naval Shipyard is a multi-user facility at Osborne on the Lefevre Peninsula in South Australia. It was established in 1987 for the Australian Submarine Corporation, and the first products of the facility were the six Collins-Class submarines.

What is happening at Osborne South?

The objective of the expansion and modernisation of Osborne South is to deliver a fully integrated, modern shipyard through the construction of new facilities and upgrade of existing facilities to support the continuous build of vessels up to Destroyer size.

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