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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more leads on Oneflare?

Select the best business for the job and leave a review once your job is complete. Start meeting customers on Oneflare. Browse leads and choose the customers you want to connect with. Get more leads and take advantage of the 12,000+ customers who post a job on Oneflare every week.

Where is Oneflare located?

Oneflare was acquired by Airtasker for $9.8M on May 4, 2022. Which industries do these Sub-Organization operate in? Where is Oneflare 's headquarters? Oneflare is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Who invested in Oneflare? Oneflare has 6 investors including Domain Group and Microequities.

What are the benefits of using Oneflare?

OneFlare has hooked us up with great service providers very quickly. We have used OneFlare on multiple occasions and the platform has come through with great local tradespeople who have done great work at a very reasonable price. Ease of use and speed of getting someone to fix my washing machine. Very efficient and professional app and service.

How many investors does Oneflare have?

Oneflare has 6 investors including Domain Group and Microequities. How much funding has Oneflare raised to date? Oneflare has raised $19.4M. When was the last funding round for Oneflare?

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