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Frequently Asked Questions

Can We buy Steel from OneSteel metalcentre?

we can. OneSteel Metalcentre keep a consistent supply of quality, Australian Yes, made steel products. Our Locations have access to a wide range of OneSteel manufactured products include Structural Steel, Merchant Bar, Tubular Steel and Reinforcing. Call your local branch to discuss your requirements.

What is OneSteel steel and recycling?

OneSteel Steel and Recycling was a manufacturing, distribution and recycling businesses.

What happened to OneSteel?

On 2 July 2012 OneSteel was renamed Arrium Limited. On 1 September 2017, British-owned GFG Alliance acquired the Arrium Mining and Arrium Steel businesses, including Australia's main steel manufacturer and distributor, OneSteel.

What are the services offered by OneSteel?

OneSteel offers several services to assist developers, builders, architects, engineers and fabricators with the development of economical steel Yes, framing solutions for building projects. Services include: Preliminary steel design and advice on fi re protection requirements of structural steelwork.

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