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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Octaviar Limited?

(November 2009) Octaviar Limited (formerly MFS Limited) is an Australian diversified investment company in the funds management and financial services sectors. The company, once valued at $2.4 billion was forced to sell its main asset, the Stella Group, in February 2008 and in March 2008 the value of the company had fallen to just $480 million.

What happened to John Anderson of Octaviar?

As a result of the collapse, Anderson plead guilty and was convicted in New Zealand of two charges in connection with companies in the Octaviar Group. In 2009 Anderson and other company directors were respondents to civil penalty proceedings in the Supreme Court of Queensland commenced by ASIC.

Who are the companies involved in the Octaviar scandal?

The companies include Octaviar IHH Pty Ltd, Octaviar Investment Holdings (No 3) Pty Ltd, Erskine House Developments Pty Ltd, and Sunleisure Pty Ltd. The Supreme Court has appointed Andrew Fielding and Helen Newman of BDO Australia as joint liquidators to wind up the companies.

When did Octavian change his name to Emperor?

From 38 BC at the latest, Octavian officially dropped all of his names except "Caesar", and began using the victory title imperator ("commander") in place of the traditional Roman forename.

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