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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Nufarm?

Nufarm is the trusted global partner behind thousands of agricultural success stories. Working side by side with advisors and distributors, we help farmers grow a better tomorrow. For more than 100 years we’ve been finding more effective ways to fight disease, weeds and pests to protect and improve crop yields.

What are Nufarm's lawn and landscape products?

Here is our latest product guide featuring Nufarm’s lawn and landscape portfolio of products. Through all stages of production, Spirato® GHN fungicide is the go-to product for foliar, stem and root diseases providing defense and control with low use rates and an easy-to-use liquid formulation.

What is Nufarm's global footprint?

Our crop protection footprint spans key global agricultural markets with a focus on North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Nufarm is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (symbol NUF) and our head office is in Melbourne, Australia. Let.Jend.TB Simatupang Jakarta Selantan, Kav.10 12310

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