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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Network 10?

It’s content that gets people positively engaged. Network 10 has a rich viewing ecosystem with three free-to-air television channels in 10, 10 Peach and 10 Bold, an online catch-up and streaming service 10 Play, a news and entertainment website 10 Daily, a subscription video on demand service 10 All Access and podcasting platform 10 Speaks.

What is Network 10 in 2022?

In 2022, Network 10 is usually the fourth rated television network and primary channel in Australia, behind the Seven Network, the Nine Network and ABC TV. Occasionally SBS TV beats 10 in the ratings, pushing it into fifth position.

What channels does Network 10 have access to?

Therefore, 10 had access to programming from Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon, along with Channel 5 in the United Kingdom and Telefe in Argentina. The rights to Paramount television programming is shared between the Nine Network, Network 10, ABC, and SBS.

What is Network Ten's deal with CBS?

This allows Network Ten the rights to air all CBS News footage, as well as access to its 60 Minutes, Dr. Phil, Late Show with David Letterman and 48 Hours programs. This deal occurred after CBS's talks with the Nine Network broke down, with Nine refusing to pay A$8 million a year to continue its 40-year deal with CBS.

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