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Frequently Asked Questions

What does multiplex company do?

Multiplex is a company that provides contract construction services. It offers high-rise buildings, stadia, residential, mixed use, education, health, and civil infrastructure. The Company also sells tower cranes, material hoists, mobile cranes, earth moving equipment, and formwork systems.

What is the history of multiplex?

Multiplex was founded in 1962 in Perth, Western Australia by John Roberts. It went on to build many large projects such as King Street Wharf in Sydney and Wembley Stadium. In December 2003, it listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with the code of MXG, raising a total of A$ 1.2 billion.

What happened to multiplex after Brookfield bought it?

Brookfield published a statement to the ASX outlining its intentions following the acquisition of Multiplex. The company rebranded to its original name of Multiplex in 2016, while still remaining a Brookfield company. In 2020, Multiplex made a pre-tax loss of £158.6m.

What states does multiplex have a contracting license in?

Multiplex, LLc currently holds contracting licenses in the following states: South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana. Communicate and Direct any Project with efficiency and transparency to achieve the most desirable outcome. Our expertise allows us to bring your vision into reality.

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