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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Melbourne better than Brisbane?

Urban List has put together 25 things that confirm Melbourne to be better than Sydney and Brisbane, once and for all. Australia's Media Brand Of The Year and proudly independent since 2011. Support media diversity and support local today.

What is a good salary in Melbourne?

YMMV of course. This would be basically poverty level for trying to raise a family in Melbourne. Anywhere between 60k and 80k is distinctly average. 70k is not a bad wage but its not a good wage either. 70k in Melbourne is fine. You’ll never be rich but you’ll be comfortable, can probably service a mortgage in Brisbane.

Is Melbourne a public holiday?

There are 15 public holidays observed by Victoria each calendar year. Individual public holiday dates for 2021 to 2023 are listed in the tables below: Melbourne Cup Day is a public holiday across all of Victoria unless an alternate local holiday has been arranged by a Non-Metropolitan council.

What is the closest beach to Melbourne Florida?

Who doesn't love a visit to the ocean or a lakeside beach on a sunny day :). The closest beach as the crow flies to Melbourne is Paradise Beach which is in BREVARD, FL and is 11.28 miles away. Beach type: Coastal .

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