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Frequently Asked Questions

How many toll roads does Macquarie Infrastructure Group own in Australia?

Macquarie Infrastructure Group (MIG) had a portfolio of 11 toll roads across seven countries including Australia. MIG had previously in June 2006 spun off Sydney Roads Group which included its stake in three Sydney toll roads, namely M4 Western Motorway (50.61%), M5 South-West Motorway (50%) and Eastern Distributor (71.35%).

Why did Atlas Roads change its name to Atlas Arteria?

Macquarie Atlas Roads will change its name to Atlas Arteria after striking an agreement with the Macquarie Group to bring management in-house.

How much does it cost to run Macquarie Atlas?

The costs of running Macquarie Atlas, which has tollroad investments in the US, France and Germany, after internalisation are estimated at $15-$20 million a year – far less than the cost of being managed externally by Macquarie. Macquarie Atlas has paid Macquarie $388.7 million in base and performance fees since its listing in early 2010.

How is Intoll different from Macquarie Atlas?

Whilst Macquarie Atlas continues to be managed by Macquarie, Intoll is internally managed. Murray Bleach is the Chief Executive Officer of Intoll.

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