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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Macquarie Atlas based in Australia?

Macquarie Atlas has two boards: one based in Australia, and one based in Bermuda. The company will rename itself Atlas Arteria to try to evoke images of arterial motorways, and its ticker code on the Australian Securities Exchange will change to ALX from MQA.

Why did Macquarie change its name to Atlas Arteria?

Macquarie Atlas Roads will change its name to Atlas Arteria after striking an agreement with the Macquarie Group to bring management in-house.

How many toll roads does Macquarie Infrastructure Group own?

Macquarie Infrastructure Group (MIG) had a portfolio of 11 toll roads across seven countries including Australia. MIG had previously in June 2006 spun off Sydney Roads Group which included its stake in three Sydney toll roads, namely M4 Western Motorway (50.61%), M5 South-West Motorway (50%) and Eastern Distributor (71.35%).

What is the difference between Macquarie Atlas and Intoll?

Whilst Macquarie Atlas continues to be managed by Macquarie, Intoll is internally managed. Murray Bleach is the Chief Executive Officer of Intoll.

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