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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MYOB do?

MYOB is an Australian multinational corporation that provides tax, accounting and other business services software to small and medium businesses. MYOB was founded in the early 1980s by a team of developers at Teleware, who developed accounting software. Teleware was purchased by Best Software (now part of Sage) in 1993.

What is the latest version of MYOB accounting software?

MYOB Malaysia released its latest version of MYOB Accounting v20 and MYOB Premier v15 in May 2014. The Royal Malaysian Customs Department has approved both MYOB Accounting software for purposes of obtaining financial assistance for GST implementation.

Who is the registered trademark of MYOB Technology Pty Ltd?

MYOB and Mind Your Own Business are registered trademarks of MYOB Technology Pty Ltd. Categories About MYOB GST Malaysia MYOB Accounting System Buy Online Malaysian edition Singapore edition International edition

What happened to the co-founder of MYOB?

Co-founder Brad Shofer left the company in 2003. On 6 December 2008, Acclivity announced it acquired MYOB US Inc. and its Macintosh (and PC) development team from MYOB Limited of Australia. Acclivity now drive global development of MYOB's Mac OS business management products – AccountEdge Basic, AccountEdge Pro and AccountEdge Pro Network Edition.

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