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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MAB Corporation?

MAB Corporation is an Australian company that develops commercial, residential, retail and industrial properties. In particular, the company has played a significant role in reshaping the city of Melbourne, the capital of the south eastern state of Victoria .

How much does Mab certification cost?

The cost of MAB certification courses can vary from provider to provider. Here at SureFire CPR, our MAB certification course is currently available at a special rate of $120. WHEN WILL I RECEIVE THE MAB CERTIFICATION? You will receive your MAB certification upon completion of your MAB course.

What makes Mab unique?

For more than 26 years, MAB has delivered exceptional developments from grass roots communities, inspired city skylines to thriving commercial and industrial projects. We take great pride in shaping the fabric of the built environment and standby our legacy of originality, quality and excellence. Purchase your own office in Richmond.

What is a MAB course?

Like all accredited MAB certification courses, our MAB course here at SureFire CPR focuses almost exclusively on non-physical strategies for conflict intervention. These include strategies for identifying a potentially violent situation, as well as steps to take to keep situations from escalating.

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