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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the challenge leading edge group?

The Challenge Leading Edge Group was engaged to review this client’s clinic operations with the… The Challenge This company is the governing commercial body of a number of Ontario-based hospitals.… The organization required a significant growth. We used Lean to meet the client’s strategic and operational objectives

Is leading edge still the best site for Advanced Learning?

"Wow, almost 20 years since finding Leading Edge and still the Best site for advanced learning, prepping for the next stage of experience." 1/1/20 "I appreciate the effort you put in to create a single collection of information that helps many of us understand the global dynamics going on and aid with progress on our individuals paths." 12/30/19

What happened to the leading edge research journal?

After 22 years, we stopped publishing books in 2011, and our focus then turned exclusively to managing the Leading Edge Research Journal Online (below) which began in 2006 as a conceptually expanded online reincarnation of the LE Research Journal, as well as the continued exploration of higher dynamics of the context of our existence.

What makes the team at ledg unique?

The team at LEDG provided an unmatched collaborative approach to help the entire team meet our goals on a day-to-day basis. Learn how we provide comprehensive solutions for our customers and partners. Learn how we provide comprehensive solutions for our customers and partners. We have been a LEDG partner for over ten years.

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