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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Incat stand for?

INCAT Inflammatory Neuropathy Cause and Treatment (INCAT) Disability Score I-RODS Inflammatory Rasch-built Overall Disability Scale (I-RODS) CIDP assessment tools play an important role in peripheral neuropathy research and clinical trials; some tools may also be valuable in daily clinical practice

What is Incat Tasmania?

Incat Tasmania is an Australian manufacturer of high-speed craft (HSC) catamaran ferries. Its greatest success has been with large, sea going passenger and vehicle ferries, but it has also built military transports and since 2015 it has built smaller river and bay ferries.

Is there a critical analysis of the Incat disability score?

A comprehensive critical analysis of its measurement properties has not been performed. Methods: Critical analysis of measurement properties. Results: The INCAT disability score was derived based on items from Guy's Neurological Disability Scale (GNDS), a disability measure intended for application in multiple sclerosis.

What is design Incat Crowther?

Design Incat Crowther’s holistic approach to vessel procurement centres around an operation-specific design developed in partnership with the operator - Your Vision, Our Innovation. We perform an iterative process to communicate the project to stakeholders and allow the freedom to develop the project within set parameters.

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