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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IOOF?

The IOOF Seniors Home Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization currently operating several facilities located in Barrie, Ontario. The Organization provides a continuum of care for seniors aged 60 years and over from totally independent living to supportive housing, rent-geared-to-income housing and long-term care. IOOF Family & Friends

How many followers does IOOF Holdings Ltd have on LinkedIn?

IOOF Holdings Ltd | 18,747 followers on LinkedIn. Insignia Financial is the new name for IOOF Holdings Ltd. | On 10 Dec 2021, IOOF Holdings Ltd was renamed to become Insignia Financial Ltd our new enterprise brand.

What's new at a new IOOF?

A new IOOF delivers scale and a platform for growth. Your 2021 annual statement is coming soon.

Which IOOF funds were recognised at the 2022 Financial Standard Investment Leadership Awards?

Two IOOF investment funds were recognised once again at the 2022 Financial Standard Investment Leadership Awards. The IOOF MultiMix Growth Trust won the Multi-Asset – Growth category for the second year in a row and the IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust stepped up from being a 2021 finalist to winning the Multi-Asset – Balanced category.

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