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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Huon Aquaculture?

Huon Aquaculture is a large aquaculture and food processing enterprise located in Tasmania. Founded in 1986, Huon has grown to become second largest salmon producer in the state, after ASX listed Tassal, it employs 487 Tasmanians and produces 25,000 tonnes of salmon annually. It is a majority family and employee owned company listed on the ASX.

What is Huon Aquaculture's Biosecurity Plan?

Biosecurity: Huon Aquaculture has a biosecurity plan that covers all aspects of fish farming and processing. This includes education and training, and implementing good fish husbandry through water quality management, health monitoring, vaccine use and ongoing research.

What do you know about Huon Salmon and Huon Ocean Trout?

We know exactly what our fish have been fed, which means that when you purchase Huon Salmon and Huon Ocean Trout you know it has received safe, sustainable, traceable feed.

Is Huon Salmon RSPCA Approved?

Now Huon is able to supply Australia’s only range of RSPCA Approved salmon, enabling consumers to choose seafood that has been grown to higher welfare standards. The RSPCA’s standard for farmed Atlantic salmon does not allow for the farming of salmon in Macquarie Harbour therefore, 98 per cent of Huon’s salmon is currently farmed to the standard.

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