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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Honeysuckle Development?

The Honeysuckle development utilised a top-down, modernist, rational model based on similar urban renewal projects worldwide, such as New York's Battery Park City, London’s Canary Wharf, and Melbourne’s Docklands.

Who is the master developer for honeysuckle?

As the master developer for Honeysuckle, HCCDC has managed the staged divestment of the land, and the area has so far seen more than $1 billion in private investment, and generated an estimated $3 billion in economic activity.

Where is the new honeysuckle HQ?

Honeysuckle HQ includes two parcels of land, Honeysuckle Quays located on the waterfront and Honeysuckle Quarter which is immediately adjacent to the light rail stabling area. HCCDC's aim to find an experienced development partner started with a Registration of Interest (ROI) to gather market feedback in 2021.

What is the honeysuckle urban renewal program?

Through the Honeysuckle urban renewal program, the NSW Government has paved the way for private sector investment to deliver new homes, jobs and economic activity. UON is expanding its city centre presence in Honeysuckle, with the 10-year masterplan delivering new research and education spaces.

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