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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the companies based in Hawthorn?

Amcor and Orora are among the companies based in Hawthorn. The City of Boroondara retains offices in the former Hawthorn Town Hall, in Burwood Road (near the corner of Glenferrie Road). This building is noted as a good example of late 19th Century public-building architecture.

Where are the best shopping centres in Hawthorn?

There are also shopping centres at the corner of Burwood Road and Power Street, in Church Street, in Auburn Road (the western side of which is within the Hawthorn postcode, while the eastern side is in Hawthorn East), the corner of Glenferrie Road and Riversdale Road and the corner of Auburn Road and Riversdale Road.

What is the median house price in Hawthorn?

Although mainly noted as a residential region, there is some industry in the area, particularly in Burwood Road, between Power Street and Auburn Road. In the 12-month period to January 2020 Hawthorn reported a median house price of A$1.76 million for a three bedroom house. Amcor and Orora are among the companies based in Hawthorn.

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