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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Haigh's chocolate?

About us Our History Discover the history of Haigh's, founded on May 1st 1915 by Alfred E Haigh in Adelaide, South Australia. Haigh's Today We are Australia's oldest family-owned chocolate maker making fine chocolates from the cocoa bean since 1915.

How much does it cost to order Haigh's chocolate?

$15 Flat fee shipping. Australia-wide Cooking with premium quality chocolate can make all the difference to the end result. Discover how to use Haigh’s chocolate in your cooking with our recipe collection - delicious based chocolate recipes that you can easily make at home using premium quality chocolate.

Are Haigh's chocolate self-saucing puddings gluten-free?

Haigh's Chocolate Self Saucing Puddings Self-saucing puddings are such a simple dessert to make, use ingredients found in most kitchens and kids love them! These individual puddings are gluten-free and can be cooked in mugs in the oven in just over half an hour.

Who are the Haighs?

Today the company is run by fourth generation Haighs, Alister and Simon, who started in the 1970s and had to work their way up from the bottom. They’ve been joint Managing Directors since 1990 and John Haigh is now Chairman of the Board.

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