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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Goodman Fielder food services?

Better food, better business. Let’s be better – together. Improve your menu and impress your customers with some of Australia’s favourite products and brands. Boost your business with a dedicated, passionate, purpose-led partner: Goodman Fielder Food Services.

Is Goodman Fielder owned by Wilmar?

In March 2015, Goodmans Fielder was acquired for $1.3 billion by new conglomerate, Wilmar International and First Pacific, in a joint-venture to effectively manage and enhance import/export logistics internationally. Goodman Fielder's CEO is Scott Weitemeyer. The company's brands include:

What happened to Goodman Fielder?

The company was taken over by Burns Philp in 2003. Goodman Fielder was relisted on the sharemarket at the end of 2005 with Burns Philp retaining a 20% share (this share was subsequently sold in 2007).

Who is Goodman Fielder CEO Chris Delaney?

Chris Delaney was Goodman Fielder's CEO from 4 July 2011, he is the former Asia Pacific President of Campbell Soup Company. He resigned following a takeover of the company by Wilmar International and First Pacific in March 2015 for $1.3 billion Australian dollars.

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