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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Golden North?

The Golden North brand was adopted in 1948. The business was acquired by Farmers Union in 1972, then in 1991, it became a subsidiary of National Foods. In 2001, a group of South Australian investors brought the business back under local private ownership. In 2006, they expanded their plant.

Is Golden North a good hotel?

I stayed at the Golden North two nights and found it to be exactly what I wanted. The room was clean and comfortable, the location was convenient to the airport and local stores, and the owners were helpful and welcoming. The price for the room was fair and included coffee and muffins in the mornings. In my opinion, Golden North is the best!

Why choose Golden North Van Lines in Anchorage Alaska?

If you are in the military and searching for a reliable moving company in Anchorage to keep your relocation worry free, Golden North Van Lines knows the Federal travel requirements, and other important details necessary for a successful move.

What happened to Golden North's freezer?

Golden North marketing director Trevor Pomeroy said staff discovered the freezer had been raided upon arriving at work this morning.

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