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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is GWA Group?

GWA Group Limited is a leading Australian supplier of building fixtures and fittings to households and commercial premises. GWA operates through its Bathrooms & Kitchens business with its strategic focus on superior solutions for water.

How do I contact GWA?

For GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens product and service related enquiries please click on this LINK or contact 13 14 16. If you would like to contact GWA Corporate Head Office via email, please complete the form below.

What can GWA do for You?

Keep your energy systems running smoothly and efficiently with our system monitoring and maintenance services. Increase the functionality of your solar panels with GWA and achieve total system optimization. GWA is your resource for expert advice and guidance for solar projects across the Midwest.

Who are GWA teachers?

of GWA teachers are certified in their subject area. We hire US and Canadian educators who are expert in best-practice, 21st-Century teaching. GWA boasts the largest community of US and Canadian teachers in Morocco. GWA is a multilingual school providing an English-immersion education along side French and Arabic instruction.

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