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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Foodland in South Australia?

Eudunda Farmers currently own and operate 18 Foodland & 3 IGA stores throughout country, South Australia. The Chapley brothers, John and Nick, own a large number of metropolitan Adelaide Foodland stores. Commercial Retail Group (CRG) runs two of the flagship stores, at Pasadena and Frewville.

Who is Foodland market fresh?

The Rugless family, own and operator a well established Foodland Market Fresh in Brighton, South Australia, originally owned a chain of butcher shops before venturing into supermarkets. They have owned and operated 10 butcher stores.

Who is Yorketown Foodland?

Welcome to Yorketown Foodland. Welcome to Yorketown Foodland. We are a family owned supermarket located in South Australia's picturesque southern Yorke Peninsula. We are proud to have been part of this community since 1930 and we support a large number of groups in the area including the Southern Eagles Football and Netball Clubs.

When was the first Foodland store opened?

The Hoeper family established a grocery store in 1871, at Glenelg South in Adelaide. In 1962, it became the first store to be branded Foodland. It has been expanded and modified over the years to become a small shopping centre, and is now run by Romeo's Retail Group.

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