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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Energex platform?

Energex allows hotel owners to save 15–40% on energy consumption and utility costs wasted on empty rooms. At the heart of the Platform is our Dream Thermostat and its WIFI connectivity, a wide selection of sensors, Cloud-connected, and AI software to help make any space smarter, more comfortable, and beautiful.

Who is Energex?

Energex is founded on decades of strategic and operational frontline experience in international energy companies, investment banking, trading, utilities, and industry. This allows us to bring differentiated thinking and bespoke strategic solutions to our clients.

What is Energex wood pellets?

Energex offers wood pellet products to meet all your home heating or grilling needs. Our BBQ cooking pellets and heating pellets for sale come from one of the most experienced producers in the industry.

Why should I use Energex?

The Energex team has helped us solve complex energy management, controls, and brand requirements with professional work and great customer care. I would recommend without hesitation Energex, its technology and people to any hotelier looking for better efficiency and guest experience solutions."

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